Praise for Rapture Ready!

“A wonderfully funny and very, very smart book. Highly recommended as a memoir, a meditation on American religious tensions, and a perfect example of why taking popular culture seriously is so important.”

National Public Radio

“Radosh has the astute sense of a journalist and the evocative humor of a stand-up comic. He balances his rather skeptical perspective with respectful stories about the lives of people he encounters.”

Publishers Weekly

“Daniel Radosh writes about evangelical culture with brilliance, humor and understanding. Everyone should read this book -- with the possible exception of Stephen Baldwin (see page 143).”

—AJ Jacobs, author of The Know-It-All and The Year of Living Biblically

“No evangelical insider could have done as good a job as Daniel Radosh. He’s a witty, energetic, and insightful writer who grabs your attention and interest on page one and won’t let go until he’s escorted you to a powerful conclusion in the final paragraphs.”

—Brian McLaren, author of A New Kind of Christian and Everything Must Change

“Radosh’s entertaining, often enlightening guide to a $7 billion industry cruises through the complex, diverse world of Christian pop culture... He takes his role of reporter in an unfamiliar land seriously, yet he isn’t afraid to use his well-honed wit to good advantage.”


“Funny, revealing, and descriptively titled.”


“Very entertaining.”

—Tom Perrotta, author of Little Children and The Abstinence Teacher

“Opening his readers to a complex subculture with an abundance of unusual characters, Radosh’s traveling road show is riveting, side-splitting and thoughtful.”

The Jerusalem Post

“Written with style and sensitivity, the book is at turns comical and spiritually uplifting.”

The Dallas Morning News

“Deeply thoughtful, often insightful, and sometimes downright hilarious... Rapture Ready! is much more than a witty cultural critic’s Christian pop odyssey. It’s the best kind of travel narrative, the kind in which the storyteller comes back changed.”

—Timothy Beal, SoMA Review

“Radosh has discovered a world that is hilarious, unpredictable and lucrative! It seems there’s a foreign country in America and it’s right down the street... and now I’m not so sure that I’m not the foreigner.”

—Sam Seder, Air America Radio

“Quick: Name the last time you laughed out loud while reading a book. Mine’s recent, with Rapture Ready!

The Hartford Courant

“An intelligent but fun read that will have you thinking twice about what Jesus would buy, watch, or listen to... Deserves to be a great discussion starter in Christian circles.”


“It’s pretty rare that the actual promotional website for a book will sell the book short, but I think this does. [Rapture Ready! is] a serious book. It’s also a really funny book, because Mr. Radosh is one funny guy, and because he’s got a rich, rich lode of material to work with.”

The Boston Globe

“Fascinating and funny.”


“A fundamentally serious, sober if amusing and entertaining attempt to create a bridge between progressive Jesus-lovers and the secular world.”

The Onion A.V. Club

“[Radosh] finds plenty of trash... and surprises, too.”

The New York Times

“I kept breaking into hysterical laughter, [but] what makes Rapture Ready! worthwhile is that Radosh -- a secular Jew -- goes beyond mockery to engage seriously with Christian believers who make, consume, and even criticize Christian pop culture.”

“Delightful... A smart book about a surprisingly subtle subject.”

The Revealer

“Readers of all backgrounds will enjoy Radosh’s journal about his bizarre adventure in this parallel universe because it is informative and deeply insightful... The greatest lesson in the book is not in what Radosh says with words but what he teaches by way of his tremendous example. If Christians treated American pop culture with the same respectful criticism and discerning openness that Radosh employed when examining the evangelical universe... these two cultures could have a productive encounter.”

First Things

“Juicy [and] fascinating.”


“As an outsider, he sees things that all of us who grew up in this little world either slide past, choose to ignore or shrug off... He isn’t really kind in many ways, but here’s the kicker: He’s right.”

Relevant Magazine

Radosh “paints complex portraits of modern, spiritually engaged Americans... He is skilled at teasing out the truths and contradictions of his subjects, many of whom he describes with lyrical precision.”

The American Conservative

“The book is full of surprises and tonal shifts, and made me look at not just evangelical culture but American pop culture and Jewish culture in a new light.”

The Forward

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